Do More. Faster.

Data should facilitate your investigation, not hinder it. DecisionGrid gives you the power to organize, analyze and synthesize masses of information quickly and easily. So you can make smarter decisions, more efficiently — and put a swift end to fraud and criminal activity. Best of all, we do it at a price you can afford.

And, since DecisionGrid is secure and cloud-based, you’ll never have to worry about access to your investigation data. Your account is available from anywhere in the world from just about any connected device. Best of all, we employ some of the best security experts in the industry to ensure your sensitive data is available to you and only you.

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Video: From Analysis to Effective Action.

DecisionGrid is an intuitive analysis and decision-making platform designed for investigators, detectives and analysts. Purpose-built yet flexible, our software works the way you do. It is designed to make you more efficient and effective.

Watch this overview and learn more about how you can use DecisionGrid to drive greater results for you and for your organization.

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DecisionGrid’s flexible and powerful approach to organization saves you time whether gathering, managing and enriching data – or organizing information to test a hypothesis or document a finding.

  • Capture all your data
  • Evaluate and enrich by theme
  • Organize in projects and Lenses

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Get a real-time view into your data from a range of perspectives, including network diagramming, temporal and geospatial analysis, to develop your insights faster.

  • Always up-to-date visualizations
  • Quickly develop and test hypotheses
  • A full suite of tools all in one workbench

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Easily share your analysis and communicate your findings. DecisionGrid helps you create reports, export visualizations and collaborate on data.

  • Collaborate across the team or across organizations
  • Document your findings and analysis
  • Easily export to common authoring tools